Survey Results – Popular Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades and Costs

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Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades

White Kitchens Remain Very Popular – 41% of respondents chose white for their kitchen.


Kitchen Remodeling Upgrades

Houzz recently did a survey of 2700 homeowners who had recently remodeled or were planning to remodel in the next 3 months to find out what the most common trends are and what people spend their money on. You can see the full Houzz article embedded at the bottom of this post.

Healthier Habits

One-third of people surveyed claimed they had healthier habits after remodeling their kitchen. They at in more and cooked healthier food. 26 percent said they are eating more fruits and vegetable post remodel.

Most Popular Kitchen Upgrades

Countertops – 95% of respondents upgraded their counters

Backsplash – 90% percent of respondents added a tile backsplash

Sink and Faucet – 88% upgraded their plumbing fixtures

Appliances – 83% upgraded appliances

Cabinets – 81% of respondents upgraded their cabinets

Flooring – 71% upgraded their flooring.

Remodeling Cost vs Budget

According to the survey, most homeowners spent 5 to 10 percent more than they planned on their remodeling projects.

About 30 percent of homeowners spent between $25,000 and $50,000 on their kitchen project. 20% spent between $50,000 and $100,000.

Most Popular Kitchen Colors

White remains the most popular kitchen color with 41% of respondents saying their primary kitchen color was white.

Medium tone wood colors were the next most popular with 16% of homeowners choosing it.

Gray kitchen only accounted for 8% of kitchens which is surprising because we see a lot of people choosing gray cabinets.


Kitchen Storage Upgrades

Kitchen storage organizers are very popular and pullout waste bins and recycle bins top the list with 65% of people adding them to their kitchens.

Cookie sheet organizers and corner cabinet organizers were also at the top of the rankings.

Countertop materials

Granite and quartz tied for most popular countertop material, also surprising because we rarely get requests for granite anymore… most people seem to prefer quartz.


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