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Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Cabinet doors define the style and overall look in your kitchen. Before choosing countertops, backsplash, or flooring, you should choose the style, wood species, and color of your cabinets as they are the focal point of any kitchen.

These are some our most popular door styles, though we can modify and customize any door to suit your needs. All our doors are available in a wide variety of stains and tinted lacquer

Our Standard Cabinet Doors

These doors are included in our standard refacing cost. They are some of our most popular door styles and can be ordered in any finish and with any color glaze.

Our Deluxe Cabinet Doors

Deluxe doors come at a 10% premium over the standard door costs. The generally have more detailed moldings and panels than our standard doors.

Our Luxury Cabinet Doors

Our Luxury doors have even more detailed moldings and panels. They are a 15% premium over the standard door cost.


Our Exclusive Cabinet Doors

Exclusive doors are have very detailed moldings and construction. These doors look amazing with our custom glazes and stains. They are 20% more than our standard doors.



Choosing Cabinet Doors

Custom Samples

Don’t see what you like? We can modify or create a door to meet your specifications and a custom finished sample delivered within 10 working days.

10 Wood Species to Choose From

Different wood species provides a unique look to the wood when stain is absorbed, so choosing the style of wood is important. We currently offer doors made from oak, maple, alder, cherry, hickory, walnut, and sapele, as well as rustic cherry, alder, and hickory.

Finishes: Stains vs Tinted Lacquers

We use high quality, water based stains or water based tinted lacquers. We have 36 standard colors and can create custom colors if needed.

Stains allow the grain of the wood to show through and vary in color depending on the wood species you choose.

Tinted lacquers cover the grain and are a solid color. Many people will call a lacquer finish “painted” but that’s not quite correct. A lacquer is different from a paint, it is more durable, easier to clean and better suited to cabinetry. Paint is soft and does not stick well to hardwood.

We use water based finished because they are good for the environment and the health of your home. All our finishes are low in  V.OC.s (volatile organic compounds) and safe to use in the kitchen.

Hand Rubbed Glazes

All our doors and finishes can be enhanced with our hand rubbed glazes. A glaze is a finish that is applied over the initial cabinet finish and the rubbed off, leaving traces of the glaze in the details and corners of the cabinet door. A glaze will darken the color of the door slightly. Glazes are a great way to enhance the look of almost any door, though we do not recommend them for pure white doors.

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