How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

Cabinet Refacing Cost

Is it Less Expensive?

For some refacing companies, the goal is to provide the lowest cost materials and service they can. Our goal is different. Any kitchen remodeling project is an investment in your home and our materials and installation practices are of the highest quality so that your investment is worthwhile.

Cabinet refacing is less expensive than replacing your kitchen cabinets in several ways. The material costs are typically lower, the installation time is shorter and since we do not have to tear out your existing cabinets there are no secondary costs like drywall repair.

Cabinet Refacing Cost

We have refaced smaller kitchens for as little as $7250 and we recently quoted a very large kitchen for $44,000. For some refacing companies, the goal is to provide the lowest cost materials and service they can. Our goal is different.

Any kitchen remodeling project is an investment in your home and our materials and installation practices are of the highest quality to ensure that your investment is worthwhile.

Average Cabinet Refacing Costs, including some modifications

Small Kitchen (no island):  $8500 – $12,000

Medium Kitchen (small island): $11,500 – $16,000

Large Kitchen (large island):  $14,500 – $22,000

Its about more than just looks

Any kitchen remodeling project should be about more than just a new look. Your kitchen should function better as well.

With our refacing system, we can add, extend and modify your cabinets in many ways. Our in-home design consultant will go over all the options with your and help you design a kitchen and works for your specific needs.

Drawer Conversions

Update your base cabinets by adding full extension drawers

Add Cabinets

Add or extend your existing cabinets, build a custom island

Create a Pantry 

Convert a double over cabinet into a custom pantry or old kitchen desk into a beverage center.

Add Organizers

Trash pullouts, sheet pan organizers, spice racks… so many choices!

Factors that Affect Refacing Cost

1. Number of Doors and Drawers

Replacing the doors and drawers is a large part of our material costs so the more cabinet doors and drawers a kitchen has the more the project will cost. Sometimes a small kitchen can cost more than a large one just because the small kitchen has more doors and drawers than the large one.

Door cost can also vary depending on the style of door you choose. Our standard refacing cost included 6 of our most popular door styles. These doors have simple, clean lines that are very popular today. As doors get more ornate the cost does go up.

2. Modifications

One of the great benefits of our refacing system is that it give us the ability to modify your existing cabinets, even add cabinets. The number of modifications you request will affect the costs as well. We included all modifications as a line item on our estimates so you can see how they affect the bottom line.

Some popular modifications include:

Drawer Conversions – add a bank of drawers to an existing cabinet

Kitchen desk conversion – convert a kitchen desk area into a beverage station with additional storage

Double Oven Cabinet Conversion – convert a double oven cabinet into a pantry cabinet with roll out storage

Glass doors – we can add glass doors to your existing cabinets. We have dozens of deocrative glass options available.

3. Add-Ons

Add-Ons are similar to modifications but are less about altering your cabinets and more about installing hardware like cabinet organizers or soft close drawer slides

Some Popular add-ons include:

New drawer boxes and soft close slides – solid maple, dove tailed drawer boxes and BLUM soft close, full extension drawer slides

Trash/recycle pull outs – requires a 15″ wide cabinet

Narrow Pullouts – slide out storage for spices, Tupperware, and other small items


Cost of Refacing Vs Cost of New Cabinets

We are often asked what the cost of a refacing project is when compared to cabinet replacement. The simplest answer is that a basic refacing, without modifications or add-ons, can cost between 25 and 40 percent less than cabinet replacement.

With modifications and add-ons, a refacing project can cost just as much as cabinet replacement. But cabinet refacing has other advantages… it is much less disruptive, is completed in a shorter time period and allows you to keep using your kitchen throughout the project.

Quality of Materials 

We call our refacing products “invest quality” for a reason. They are very high quality. Many cabinet companies on the market today can not compete with the quality of our doors and finishes.

Total Cost of Project

Traditional cabinet replacement also means replacing countertops, backsplash, removing sinks and appliances and can damage flooring and drywall. Cabinet refacing does not have these additional costs so the total cost of the project can be much much less than a traditional remodel.

Time to Complete

Most refacing projects are completed in just 5 days, including any modifications and add ons. Traditional cabinet replacing can take weeks.


Our Standard Refacing Package

Unlike many refacing companies, our standard refacing package includes everything needed to improve the look and function of your kitchen cabinets.

Our standard package includes:

  • 6 Standard door styles – up to 56 door styles available 
  • Any Color or Glaze you choose
  • Crown Molding
  • Light Rail Molding
  • Soft Close hinges
  • matching toe kick, corner molding, and scribe molding
  • Door knob and drawer pull installation 

Kitchen Cabinet Modifications

We can also modify your cabinets for an extra cost. Modifications allow us to customize you cabinets to suit you exact needs, even add storage. Modifications can add $300 to $1200 to the cost of the refacing project. Some common modifications include:

  • Drawer Conversions
  • Cabinet Extensions
  • Decorative panels
  • Convert a double oven cabinet to a Pantry
  • Convert a kitchen desk into Beverage Station
  • Trash Pullouts
  • Spice Pullouts
  • New drawer boxes with soft close slides.