Cabinet Refacing 101


Video: Cabinet Refacing From Start to Finish

You partner with our experienced designer to choose your wood species, new custom color, and door face design. We do the rest!

What is Cabinet Refacing?

  • Refacing is a method of updating the look and function of your kitchen without the mess and disruption of removing your existing kitchen cabinets.
  • Your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced with custom made new ones so you can select any style or color you like
  • The rest of your cabinet surfaces are covered in a color matched 1/4 inch thick panel (we do not use cheap veneers) and then moldings and trims are added to complete the process.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

The Advantages of Cabinet Refacing

  • Less Disruptive – Keep using your kitchen during the project
  • No need to remove your countertops, flooring or appliances
  • Customize your cabinets – add drawers, decorative panels etc…
  • Refacing can cost 30 percent less than cabinet replacement

Is this the Same as Cabinet Resurfacing?

Some people will call what we do re-dooring, resurfacing or refinishing but these terms are not accurate for our service. Cabinet Refacing is more detailed and longer lasting than refinishing or resurfacing.

We aren’t giving your kitchen a “tune up”. We are customizing a new look for your kitchen using high-quality products and hardware.

What to Expect - Cabinet Refacing in 6 steps

Once you have chosen your door style, color and finish we will place an order for your refacing materials. Your doors and drawers are custom made by Brentwood Doors in Portland, Oregon and hand finished by the experts at Cabinet Cures.

1.       First, we protect your floors and furniture in the work area.

2.       Next, we remove all your old doors, drawer fronts, crown molding and other trims and recycle them (they get turned into mulch).

3.      Then we make any modifications to your cabinets that you have requested whether that be converting a door cabinet to a drawer cabinet or adding cabinets to your kitchen.

4.      After that, we install 1/4 panels to any cabinet sides or face frames that are visible.

5.     Then we install your new doors using BLUM soft close clip top hinges.

6.     Finally, we install your cabinets pulls and other hardware and add finishing touch ups.

Most jobs are finished in 5 days or less. Small jobs may only take 2-3 days. Your design consultant will support you throughout the entire process, from original consultation to final walk-through. We strive to deliver exceptional results for all of our clients and customers, have a look at the video and watch the process.

Why Choose McManus Cabinet Refacing?

You want to find a company that suits your needs and offers you the most value, we think McManus Cabinet Refacing is that company for most homeowners.

We offer several advantages over other providers. We are licensed residential contractors with years of experience in kitchen and bath design and construction. We are a local owned and our refacing products are the of the highest quality. Learn more about us by visiting our about us page.



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