Shedua Wood Countertops, Tallahassee

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Wood Countertops tallahassee

Pictured above – 159″ x 39″ x 2″ edge grain Shedua with sink cut-out, 1/4″ roundover …from the Southside WoodShop.


We are big fans of wood countertops. Wood is warm and beautiful. As a countertop surface its easy to maintain and gains character as it ages. We’ve recently partnered with the Southside Woodshop to offer high quality wood countertops to our customers.

The folks at Southside make high quality wood countertops from a variety of premium woods and in a variety of styles. Each counter top is custom made to order and guaranteed for life.

One of their most recent additions is a wood top made from Shedua, an African Hardwood. Read more about Shedua below.

What is Shedua?

Shedua [shuh-doo-ah] proper noun.   A stunning exotic hardwood that invokes neighbor jealously.  “Honey, why didn’t we select a custom Shedua wood countertop from those guys at Southside Woodshop?  Maybe your next wife will be more understanding?!?” 

Some interesting facts about Shedua –

  • Shedua rates at 1330 on the Janka hardness scale, making it comparable to white oak and hard maple.
  • It also goes by the names – Amazique, Amazoue, Mozambique and Ovangkol, nearly all of which are impossible to correctly pronounce.
  • This species is available from the Southside Woodshop in all three construction styles.
  • Readily available – Shedua falls within their standard, two-week fabrication time.