4 Home Design Ideas for Increasing Home Value

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When discussing home design ideas with customers the question of what will add the most value to the home inevitably comes up. I’m a firm believer that when you remodel you should do it for you, not some future owner of your home who’s needs and tastes you have no way of predicting. That said, there are some basic things to keep in mind if you think you may be selling your home in the near future.

First Things First – Cover the Essentials

While the features discussed below are great ideas for adding value to your home there are 3 essentials you want to make sure your home has first: A good roof, a good HVAC system, and good windows. You could also add a good water heater to that list. These are basic items you to make sure are updated before you start to focus on home design to add value.


4 Home Design Ideas That Add Value

It’s no surprise that kitchen and bathroom remodeling made the list, they are two of the most used rooms in the home and a focus of most home buyers. There are some other good tips as well and many of them don’t require a major financial investment.

Scale the Furniture the room

Choosing appropriate furniture makes the room feel larger and more open. Don’t overcrowd the space.

Keep some older items that show you home character

Not everything in the house has to be new. Older wood floors for example can have a great patina and give a sense of history to a home.

Add Custom Closets

There is a lot of wow factor in custom closet furniture. Even a small closet can be greatly enhanced by adding custom storage. It’s a strong new trend in home design and adds significant value to home buyers.

Kitchen and Baths Top the lists

An updated Kitchen or bathroom is a perennial focus for home buyers and for good reason. A kitchen or bath remodel can be costly and involves a lot of personal choices so I recommend you remodel for your needs, not some future home buyer.


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