Popular Kitchen Organizers and Some Advice to Increase Your Kitchen Storage Space

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Kitchen Organizers

A blind corner pullout is a great way to capture more storage space

We install a lot of kitchen organizers. Its a discussion we have with every customer during our initial consult. We’ve learned a lot over the last 15 years of remodeling kitchens and have seen some good ideas and many bad ones.

Today there are dozens of kitchen organizers on the market that can help capture unused space and make more efficient use of the space you do have. In the Houzz.com post embedded below you will see 15 of the most popular organizers viewed on Houzz.

The Best Option: Walk In Pantry

The absolute best thing any kitchen can have is a pantry, preferable a walk in pantry. A walk in pantry requires a least a 5 foot x 5 foot space to be effective and not all homeowners have that space available.

 a small but useful walk in pantry

a small but useful walk in pantry. Photo: http://www.houzz.com/walk-in-pantry

Second Best: A Reach in Pantry

A reach in pantry is another good option and only needs to be 18 inches deep, though 24 inches might be better.

Reach In Pantry kitchen organizer

A closet converted in to a reach in pantry with simple shelves. Photo credit: http://buil.kodesignhouse.com/tall-kitchen-pantry-cabinet/rustic-tall-kitchen-pantry-cabinet/

A Great Alternative: Pantry Cabinets

Pantry cabinets are the next best thing to a walk in pantry. Just two 18″ wide Tall Pantry Cabinets with organizers have a much storage space as 6 feet of regular cabinets!

Many people have a small broom closet in their kitchen or linen closet in their bath. These closets are hard to organize, dark and waste a lot of space. Removing them and replacing them with tall pantry cabinets will gain you a lot more useful storage space and it looks terrific.


Drawer Conversion

A popular modification when we do cabinet refacing is called a drawer conversion. We remove the doors from one of your base cabinets and install a back of drawers in its place. Its an econmical way to add more useful storage to your existing kitchen.

Drawer Conversion Tallahassee

On the left, the original cabinet, on the right the cabinet after drawer conversion

Kitchen Organizers for Existing Cabinets


There are also a lot of organizers that you can insert into your existing cabinets and increase your storage space and organization. A few examples:

  1. Trash pullout
  2. Under sink Drawer
  3. Cookie Sheet Drawer
  4. Appliance Garage
  5. Pull out spice rack
  6. Blind corner pullout

If you like these organizer tips check out our kitchen organizer videos: https://mcmanuscabinetrefacing.com/kitchen-storage-organizers/

View more ideas on Houzz

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