New Kitchen Storage Organizer Videos from Richelieu

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Richelieu is one of our favorite companies when it comes to kitchen organization and they have a lot of options available. In this post we want to features a few organizers you may not have seen before.

Many of these organizers can be installed on your own but others are more complicated and you might want professional help.

The Soft Down Cabinet System

The soft down system is a shelving unit designed to help you reach high storage cabinets more easily. The shelving unit has a soft close mechanism that makes it easy to pull down and push back up. This does not necessarily add storage space but it does make it easier to access storage space you may not be using because its too high up.


The Combo Shelf

Another favorite of mine is the combo shelf. This system can add storage space under your existing cabinets and is great for spices and smaller items you use every day.


The Magic Island

OK so this one is not for everyone. I include it here just to show all the possibilities and give you a little inspiration. This island wraps a lot of storage into a small space and has some really awesome features like lighted drawers and a roll out shelf. The end of the video highlights some of Richelieu’s other items like their barn doors and wine storage.

These are lots of organizers on the market, we review many others here:

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions about kitchen storage or would like a consultation you can contact us at any time.

Paul McManus

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