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McManus Cabinet Refacing Tallahassee

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General Hiring Info

We expect at least a 3 to 5-year commitment from new employees. There is no formal contract but that is our expectation. We are a growing company and there is an opportunity for all kinds of rewarding work for the right candidate(s). We look for people who have worked to continue their education either formally or informally.

  • We work a 30 to 40 hour week depending on the project cycle we are in. We believe in work-life balance and schedule projects accordingly. We generally do not work weekends or past 5 pm on weekdays.
  • We believe in providing educational opportunities and travel to local trade shows to improve product knowledge and understanding of our industry. It is our expectation that all employees will learn new skills and grow into positions of more responsibility and increased pay.
  • We provide health insurance to salaried employees and two weeks paid leave after your first year. (we also take off the week from Christmas to New Years and most major holidays). We expect most employees to move from hourly pay to salary within 6 months or being hired.
  • Our number one goal is to provide the highest value we can to our customers and that means investing in our employees and giving them the opportunities they deserve.

Positions Open

Operations Manager in Birmingham Alabama

We are a Cabinet Refacing company located in Tallahassee, FL but we are expanding to Birmingham in Feb/March 2017. We are a Cabinet Cures dealer and our business in Birmingham will be called Cabinet Cures Birmingham.

This is not a franchise. We are an independent local business that sells and installs Cabinet Cures Products. There are currently 16 Cabinet Cures dealers across the country.

We are currently marketing and booking work for mid-March in Birmingham.

We are looking to hire an Operations manager who can run and grow our business in Birmingham. Pay will be a combination of a base salary (around 40k) and 5% commission on sales. We will regularly increase pay during first six months as the business grows and your skills are proven. It is expected we will sell about $50,000 a month by Mid Summer 2017 and $80,000 a month by mid-2018.

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Lead Carpenter – Tallahassee

Lead Carpenters take responsibility for two to three projects at a time and work with an assistant. It requires a high-level of organization and project management skill. Leads are responsible for making sure each job is completed on time and to our standards by either performing the work needed themselves, or working with sub-contractors. Leads generally do 50% on-site, physical construction and 50% office work/management/scheduling etc… New leads will do more on-site work while they gain experience and learn our project management and estimating systems.

  • Proven experience means we can call someone to verify your level of experience or you have a certificate from a trade school or national organization
  • Experience means a deep knowlege of a skill or trade
  • If you have been self employed for a long time we will ask for customer references and will visit to see your work

Experience and Skills required:

  • At least 5 years proven experience as a trim carpenter
  • Proven Experience in Cabinet Installation and Design
  • Project Management Skills
    • Supervise employees and Subs
    • Good Computer skills
    • Sales and estimating experience
  • A reliable vehicle
  • Clean background (we do perform background checks)

Common Tasks

  • Job site set up, dust control and clean up
  • Cabinet Refacing Installs
  • Crown molding and trim carpentry
  • Punch List tasks
  • Daily Job reporting (taking pictures, writing work log etc…)
  • Managing project schedule
  • Coordinate with sub contractors
  • Pick up and deliver materials


Pay starts at $18 – $20 an hour with an increase of up to $1 an hour for the first three to 5 months. After that, we would put you on Salary.

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Assistant to the Lead Carpenter – Tallahassee

The assistant position is open to people who may have little experience but have and aptitude and desire to learn. You will assist the lead carpenter and be resposible for daily set up and clean up and keep tools the equipment organized. The position is designed so that you can become a lead carpenter when you are ready.

Skills required

  • Ability to accurately use a tape measure
  • Some experience with power tools
  • Good computer skills
  • Sales experience
  • A reliable vehicle, preferably a pick-up truck, solely owned and operated by you.
  • Clean background (we do perform background checks)


Pay starts at $14 – $16 an hour with an increase of up to $1 an hour for the first 3 to 5 months.


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