Increase Your Kitchen Storage and Organization without Remodeling

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Increasing Kitchen Storage and Organization without Remodeling

We are constantly asked for ideas on Kitchen storage and organization. Its something every homeowner needs help with and is one of the main benefits to a cabinet refacing. In this post we want to share a simple way to increase your storage and make your kitchen more enjoyable in just a weekend.


This post is really about organizing your kitchen without spending any money on add-ons or organizers. However if you have the extra time and budget there are some great organizers on the market that are easy to install. Some really common organizers would include roll out trays, spice pull outs, blind corner pull outs and drawer organizers.

To Do


  • Pick a weekend and empty your kitchen cabinets and drawers.
  • Have a a couple of large boxes ready then label one of the boxes “donate” the other “store elsewhere”.
  • You should also have a large trashcan near by to make it easy to throw away unneeded items.


  • As you empty you cabinets place items you rarely use in the donate or store elsewhere boxes as you see fit. Any broken or obsolete items can go in the trash.
    • Items you store in your kitchen should be things that get used a least once a week. Do you need 16 forks in your utensil drawer every week? Probably not.
    • Keep what you and your family will use every week.
    • Other items that are only used when you entertain or at holidays can be stored up high, or in a closet or attic.


  • While your doors and drawers are empty wipe them down with a mild cleaner and put down new shelf paper if you like.
  • Wash everything you before you put it back. 


  • As your putting things back think about the workflow of your kitchen and make sure the most often used items are in easy reach.

Congrats! My guess is you just created 20% more storage in your kitchen in just one day.

If emptying and reorganizing your kitchen did not do the trick then it might be time to look into some kitchen storage organizers. You can read some of our advice about that here:

Pro Tip

While your cabinets are empty is the perfect time give your kitchen cabinets a “tune up”. Visit your local home store a purchase a Cabinet Refinishing Kit from Rustoleum. They cost about $75.

The kit will come with a cleaning agent, a stain (chose the stain the closely matches your cabinet color) and a polish. The kit is very easy to use and can make old cabinets look great. The effect does not last long, maybe a year or two, but the cost is very low so I think its a great value.

If you are considering painting your cabinets I recommend you read our recent post on that here:

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions about kitchen storage or would like a consultation you can contact us at any time.

Paul McManus

McManus Cabinet Refacing.