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Dark Cabinet finish

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Our Cabinet Finishes

The cabinet finish is what really makes our refacing system stand apart. In this post we want to review the 3 step process for finishing. Scroll down to watch a complete video of the process or continue reading for a written summary of the process.

All of our finishes are water based, environmentally friendly and low V.O.C. products. This is important not only for the health of our environment but for your home. Non water based finishes will continue to “off gas” for many weeks after the finishing process is complete and release toxic chemicals in to your home. With our finishes this does not happen.

Cabinet Cures has 36 standard colors but each color is customize-able and can be made darker or lighter at your request.

Our 3 Step Process

Our cabinet refacing products are finished using a 3 step process: a wet coat, a dry cost and a clear coat. After checking both sides of the material to choose the best face all boards are oriented and the wet coat is applied.

The wet coat is applied with a spray gun and quickly wiped off with a clean cloth. This produces a deep, clear finish and creates the base color for the material. In the second step a dry finish is applied. This finish is very light and evens out the color consistency and depth. The dry coat is a critical part of our refinishing process.

After the dry coat the materials is left for about 15 minutes to dry before the top coat can be applied. The final step is to apply a clear coat that seals  and protects the stain.

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A quick overview of the Cabinet Cures Finishing Process

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