Adding Decorative Panels

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White Cabinet Refacing decorative panels

Decorative panels add a lot of style to this kitchen


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When refacing your kitchen take the opportunity to add features that really give your kitchen that custom look. Adding decorative panels to your island or cabinet ends are a fantastic way add depth and interest to your kitchen. In today post we summarize a great video by Cabinet Cures owner Kelly Koch, where he reviews the pros of using decorative panels in your kitchen. Scroll down to watch the video or continue reading for our summary.

What are decorative panels?

Decorative panels or “deco panels” are panels that match the style of your cabinet doors. They can be built in various sizes and applied anywhere in the kitchen where there is a flat surface. It’s an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a very custom look.

If you are using a hand rubbed glaze on your cabinet doors, deco panels are a great idea. Without decorative panels the back your kitchen island or cabinet ends can look flat and dull.

What do they Cost?

Decorative panels vary in cost according to size but they are not that expensive. They typically cost $150 -$250. Considering the lifespan of your refaced kitchen could be decades its a small expense now for a lot of future enjoyment.

Refrigerator Panels

Another great option is to add refrigerator panels. Custom panels installed on either side of your fridge give it a great built in look.


Watch this short video for more information on decorative panels

Check out this short video from Kelly Koch of Cabinet cures where he demostrates just how great a deco panel can look:

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